Olaf Falafel’s Chicken Tea Towel

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Do you like chickens?

Do you like jokes?

Do you like dry mugs*?

Then you will adore Olaf Falafel’s Chicken Tea Towel!

Olaf Falafel, current holder of ‘The Funniest Joke Of The Edinburgh Festival’, was all set to sell this unique item of farmyard bird-based jollity as merchandising at this years Edinburgh Festival till that mean old COVID-19 put pay to all that.

But, as Olaf needs the money, you can still get your hands on one but act quickly as it‘s only a limited edition run.

Each 100% cotton tea towel is screen printed in blue and red and features 15 of Olaf’s best/worst jokes being told by chickens (to be honest the whole thing is just an excuse for Olaf to sing ‘Chicken Tea Towel’ along to ABBA’s Chiquitita).

Each tea towel measures 74 x 45cm

Preorder - Expected shipping August 2020

* Product not limited to drying mugs, can also dry plates and cutlery.